Carlose Sellars Photos and Films


Studio Portrait Photography

A studio portrait will be one of the most valuable investments you will ever make. This is your chance to take a moment in time to stop the clock and capture a very important moment in time and keep it still forever.  Each and every one of us has a story to tell. As we know it, life is speeding by faster than we can keep up. By capturing an image, it allows us to retain a moment in time as we grow old. These images allow us to remember how great we were, how wonderful we are, and how great each and everyone of us can be.  

Corporate and Event Photography

I love to capture the life and soul of events; showcasing the perfect picture of your event with candid images of you and your guests celebrating the occasion. Each photo  will have a unique personality which will harness the atmosphere as well as the venue, food, decor, lighting, and of course, any additional requirements at your request. What better way for storytelling than to have a photo that captures every little detail?

Web Video Production

I produce memorable and visually stimulating web video production content that can be used by you to target a specific audience and keep them engaged online.I expertly combine traditional advertising and entertainment, and assist you in determining which videos are the right ones to create, so they are engaging and captivating to your target market. This method allows me to link your content with the way your audience interacts online while keeping them both entertained and informed.

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